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Jane & Bernard
April 28th, 2010 | in Weddings

When Jane & Bernard came to see us for the first time their main criteria was that they wanted the photography to be very candid and arty.

Since that's precisely what we do we knew we were going to enjoy shooting this wedding. The day was very relaxed. Jane & Bernard planned everything so there would be a minimum of travel and stress. At the same time they picked a gorgeous location and reception venue.

Both Jane & Bernard got ready at the Quay Grand Hotel at circular Quay. From there it was only a short walk to the Botanic Gardens for their ceremony.

After the ceremony the everyone just hung out on the lawn while the catering people kept the drinks topped up. We took a quick tour round the Opera House and finally walked to the Botanic Garden Restaurant while taking photos. 

Some details of the day 

Bernard and his son getting ready together 

The girls helping Jane into the dress 

Jane & her dad walking towards Tarpeian Lawn where the ceremony took place

The ceremony from a distance 

Some candid photos after the ceremony 

The reception took place at the Botanic Garden Restaurant which always has a intimate atmosphere, especially as it gets dark and there is no one else left in the Botanic Garden. 

The bats are just waking up as it gets dark. 

Take a look at some of our favourite images from Jane & Bernards wedding  


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posted by Chris
Woolworth Camera Club - workshop at uber studios
April 27th, 2010 | in News

A couple of weeks ago I held a workshop for the Woolworths Camera Club. This a very active club with about 120 members. I remember being in a camera club myself once upon the time and I remember how exciting it was to go and visit a studio.

So anyway the guys were full of enthusiasm even organizing their own models etc.

The guys from Nikon Australia helped me out by providing a range of cameras and lenses so that everyone could have a play with them, including the monster AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f4G ED VR.


Judging by the images below everyone had a great time. 

at the über studio I am talking about shooting portraits using available light.  (photo by Steele Arber who cought me in action)

Shooting a portrait using window light (shot with the D3x and 85 1.4)

A couple of shots of our patient models 

In this case I was showing off how to bounce the flash to create natural looking portraits 


The Nikkor 500mm f4 borrowed from Nikon Australia 


if you are a member of a camera club and would like me to give a talk or whatever please get in contact with us and we'll work something out. 


Of course don't forget we also hold full day workshops for anyone interested in improving their photography. Go to the übershops to find out more. 

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posted by Chris
Model Portfolio - Dominique
April 11th, 2010 | in Portraits
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